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Personalized No Pull Dog Harness
Personalized No Pull Dog Harness
Personalized No Pull Dog Harness
Personalized No Pull Dog Harness

Personalized No Pull Dog Harness

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    Dog Harness features an easy on/off design that your dog won't back out of. It makes for hassle-free wearing and comes complete with a sturdy metal leash attachment. Being a no-pull harness, it drastically reduces those annoying pulls your dog tends to do, all while distributing the pressure evenly along the body to give you more control.

    It's perfect for every-day use and its breathable material allows the dog to comfortably run in it.


    It is all too common for traditional dog leashes and harnesses to pull on your dog, not only giving you less control but potentially hurting their neck or spine. As dogs can get easily distracted by cars, squirrels, rabbits, or other dogs, you never know when you might have to abruptly stop your dog.

    Dog Harness bypasses this problem with its state of the art no-pull technology, equally distributing weight across your dog’s frame when using a leash. The result? Effortless control and comfort at the same time, for both you and your dog.

    For extra control, hold your dog in place directly from the extra durable top handle, this gives total flexibility with this all-in-one harness!

    • Personalized Printed Velcro 

    Make your Harness unique!

    Print your dog's name and optionally your phone number on your Harness! 

    The Velcro is very strong and robust, it will not fall off while playing. 

    • The Dog Harness Size Guard 

    If you’re in between sizes, for Dogs that have a wide chest or shoulders, go UP one size. If you’re in between sizes, for Dogs that have a narrow chest or body, go DOWN one size. 

    • I don't know what size is right? 

    The size does not have to be perfect! You can still adjust the size manually. We recommend that you orientate yourselves by the weight. If you accidentally ordered the wrong size, you can easily make a return via our return center.


    • PERSONALIZE YOUR NO PULL DOG HARNESS with your dog's name and phone number - never worry about losing your dog again.
    • NO PULL DOG HARNESS - Trains your dog to walk beside you because of the design of the harness. It's the best harness for large & small dogs.
    • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: The neck and chest straps are very adjustable, they will not give your pup a sense of restraint, anxiety, and best of all this dog walking harness completely prevents all choking.
    • STURDY RELEASE BUCKLE: The side release buckle is durable and anti-breaking, it's very convenient to unravel.
    • REFLECTIVE STRAPS ensure your dog’s safety at night if you and your dog enjoy walks after sundown.
    • STAINLESS STEEL D-RING very sturdy and will never break.
    • COMFORT EXPERIENCE - SOFT & BREATHABLE: The fabric material is resistant to tearing and the straps have no elasticity so they will not deform. Our breathable and lightweight material is great for walks in Hot weather.
    • 100% SATISFIED GUARANTEE: We are committed to providing our customers high-quality products and the best shopping experiences. If you have any issues, just send an email to us and all your issues will be solved within 24 hours.
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