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Magic Oil Dispenser 500ml
Magic Oil Dispenser 500ml
Magic Oil Dispenser 500ml
Magic Oil Dispenser 500ml

Magic Oil Dispenser 500ml

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Do your hands get greasy when you pour oil in the meal?

We all know how annoying greasy hands are!

Imagine the ease of pouring oil without getting your hands greasy with the perfect measurement!

Doesn’t it sound amazing?
If yes then we have the perfect thing for you...... Our Magic Oil Dispenser

With Our Magic Oil Dispenser, you can pour the exact measurement of oil without getting your hand greasy


Controlling portions of oil are important to get that flavour touch of your meals.

Our Magic Oil Dispenser comes equipped with an integrated pump and measuring top that helps you control oil and vinegar dispensing on your food


Our Magic Oil Dispenser is made of high-quality materials that are safe and easy to clean.

You can rinse them with warm soapy water or throw it on the dishwasher for easy cleaning


 Press: After filling with liquid, pinch the silicone part with the thumb and index finger.

 Measurement: The liquid is sucked into the top measuring cup while pressing. According to the needs of your usage, master the number and intensity of presses to control how much fluid in the measuring cup.

 Tilt: Without opening the top cap, pour out the liquid in the measuring cup directly.

Size: 28 x 8.5cm
Capacity: 500ml
Material: Glass & ABS & Silicone

1 x Magic Oil Dispenser

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